I feel privileged to work with individuals and families on their homes.  The process always begins with some understanding of their lives, and the space in question.  The intent of the space is defined, along with the scope of work.  Constraints and competing criteria are both factored into and balanced against the resulting design.  I often begin with clients’ wish lists and frustrations, and draft concepts and a proposed vision.  From an agreed direction, projects move naturally into plans.  Whether an architectural project, requiring permits, an interiors project requiring custom furnishings or cabinetry, or a landscaping project requiring a site plan and outdoor structures, or all three, my work naturally encompasses these disciplines.  They share the common threads of space, aesthetics, and form, in unison define a home, and I find each type of project impossible to tackle without sensitivity to the other aspects.

Services include: architectural plans&permitting, interior design, landscaping design