Interior Design Approach

Interior design encompasses everything from the materials on walls and floors, to a composition of decor and furnishings in a room, and everything in-between.  Interiors historically evolved from architecture, not as an independent discipline, and I find an efficient synergy continuing a project from the architectural design into interiors.  The physical flow of space, impact of the roofline and ceilings, lighting design, and definition of built-ins, all specified during architecture, define the interior.  Rough cabinetry, plumbing, and furnishing plans are typically presented during the architectural phase, but are all elaborated into detailed specifications, and accompanied with proposed pieces and swatches.  The lighting plan designed during the architectural phase materializes during this phase as the surrounding textures, forms, and color in the space coalesce, and lighting can both masterfully, quietly illuminate key design elements or gorgeously take center stage.  Each interior decision further informs and constrains the next, as the home aesthetic and vision gains momentum and realizes.  According to the client’s availability and direction, this process can be deeply collaborative, or streamlined presentations of proposed pieces and palette.  Approved selections are procured and tracked, and this process throughout the home is managed through completion.

All of these aspects of proposing, specifying, and procuring is cleanly supported with room boards, sketches, models, purchasing lists, and specifications to smoothly bridge earliest inspirations and goals with final results.  That weight of design documentation, product tracking, and finish schedules is completely removed from clients, and organized neatly in the cloud for swift reference and access by tradesmen and contractors.  While I largely tackle whole home projects, from concept to permitted plans to full interior design, I also enjoy working on smaller interior projects, such as kitchens and baths.  I consider every project an opportunity to bring joy and clarity to a home, with the goal of lasting, timeless design.  In addition to standard interior applications of color, light, texture, and layout, I consider practicalities of storage, organization, usage patterns, and competing/changing needs to deeply inform my approach.

Examples of my work