Architectural Design Approach

Getting there…

After working with clients on a design concept, and then transitioning sketchy ideas or thoughts into floor plans, site plans, and elevations, along with any detailed interior/exterior sections/perspectives, I also collaborate with geotechnical engineers, surveyors, civil engineers, and structural engineers as required for a full set of permitted construction drawings.  I manage the design and permitting process, aside for key feedback loops to ensure the design will not just satisfy, but delight.

All along the way, I think not just in terms of architecture, but in terms of interior usage, harmony, flow, and aesthetics — or the interior design.  As much as is desired, I am thrilled to keep shaping the home until the architecture and interior coalesce, and design decisions are efficiently made, with a single point for both design fronts.  I can smoothly migrate from layout and elevations to trim, flooring and wall treatments, and furnishing plans to budget.    Since design is inherently fluid and at times unpredictable, there are many moments throughout the process where a downstream design element, say a beloved painting or light fixture, is discovered.  These details can help inform the big picture, and be captured and tracked, with other cooperating finishes and decisions sometimes being determined along the way.  This lightness of process, agile or scrum in the software world, can yield tremendous savings in time and effort, and a better end result.